Any day now – cop shoot cop

Ah well, that’s another two thousand words ground out and my month’s count stands at about thirty-two-and-a-half thousand).
I started reading “the hunger games” (yeah – trendsetter, me)… Hmmm. It’s probably already too late to accuse suzanne collins of ripping off “the light entertainment” – which I wrote in march of this year.
I canny believe just how close it is. C’est le guerre.
I’ll rip it down for characters, situations and so on. One day.
Work’s a grinding horror. Still, I finish in another six hours or so and I have the best part of seventy-two hours off, which I shall invest in a spot of keyboard rage.
I’ve not got much done these last couple of days, but I’m hoping to pull myself back up over the next couple.
If anything, i feel pretty damn positive about steaming into the idiots’ graveyard this weekend. And, once I’ve completed tonight’s couple of thousand words, I plan to relax. To the max.
When one works hard and plays hard, it’s vital to balance it all by resting hard, too.
And yeah, I’ll probably end tonight, curled up with “the hunger games”. I’m not wishing I’d written it (yet!) but I *am* enjoying it.


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