the bump – kenny

I got in after another day spent training and ground out another fifteen hundred words. Not my one thousand, six hundred and sixty-seven, but not far off it.
I still need to write at least two thousand words per day to finish on time. I had hoped of being back up-to-date by tonight, but that’s probably not going to happen. C’est le guerre.
Arriving at today’s training, I was informed that all of thursday’s has been cancelled/postponed til next month. So thursday gives me another long lie and another full day sweating over a hot keyboard. Result!
I’m liking the way the plot’s coming together, too. This is the second novel I’ve written from ‘happy ever after’ to ‘once upon a time’ and it’s coming easily (on my good days!)
So, tonight, tomorrow and all day thursday. That should bump my word count up.


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