sunshine on leith – the proclaimers

Well, last night’s reading went surprisingly well. So many bits came together – other performers turned out to be either really good – and/or people I’d known thirty-plus years.
The music was (as an afterthought) all the tracks culled from the ‘shorties’ folder on my bleakberry: loads of hawkwind, tricky, john cale, hunter/ronson, and so on. Fuck genre. As frank zappa himself said, “there are only two kinds of music – good music and shit.”
Even now, in the cold half-light of almost day, waiting in the downpour for a bus that only takes me to work, last night still feels positive.
To be honest, I never really wanted to do the gig. I’m getting progressively more burnt out with the idea of live performance and have spent a fair bit of time looking at the alternatives.
Last night though, felt like a homecoming.
Old mates I haven’t seen in between seven and twenty years, surprisingly excellent acts and fair amount of currency raised for the pussy riot defense ‘n’ support fund. Win-win.
Mary, susan, andy and spook have again managed to fill yet another venue with out-of-the-blue acts, raise money for a worthwhile cause and somehow, also magickally turn the whole thing into a pretty damn good night out.
I’ll stick at least part of the video up on youtube just as soon as I possibly can.

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