I managed five thousand words yesterday and another twenty-five hundred today, taking my total up to twenty-seven-and-a-half thousand this month.
Now and again, I get a day (or two) where the prose just pours out like pish from a sleeping jakey and each time, I’m surprised at just how groovy that feels. I feel really positive just now – like a ‘proper’ writer (except without the briar pipe and deerstalker). I feel like I could out-write any ten norwegians in this bar, dammit!
What I’m enjoying most about writing this novel is, because it’s set in the workplace, I get to dredge up every crap job I’ve ever had – as well as every neuro-atypical I ever worked with. I’m digging deep for this one, seriously.
It’s like ‘the office’ – a collection of eccentrics – or in some cases, unusuals.
Oh, what a hot hoot my employment history has been!