skyfall – adele

I grabbed some rnr last night, went to see the new bond movie.
When I was fifteen, I went to see ‘the man with the golden gun’, a film so appalling I sat there watching roger moore and britt ekland and thinking, “right. That’s it. I’ve outgrown james bond.” And nothing roger moore did, subsequently, has ever contradicted this.
It wasn’t til timothy dalton and the sun newspaper complaining how violent ‘license to kill’ was, that I took an interest again.
The brosnan films were pretty good and judi dench as m was inspired, but when I think back now, after ‘goldeneye’, the other four brosnans all kind of merge into one another.
Daniel craig, when I got around to seeing the ‘casino royale’, reboot was great. Bond as psycho/loose cannon and vesper’s suicide scene showed the difference between the books (nice polite OD and explanatory note) and the films (explosions, shouting, thousands of gallons of water and the destruction of one square block of venice).
‘Skyfall’, though. The music’s excellent, even the theme song’s a reasonable modern-day take on all those classics like ‘from russia with love’ and ‘thunderball’. And bardem’s the best bond baddie in years.
Sadly, the rest of the film’s just padding. Set-piece choreographed action sequences? Check. Ridiculous stunts? Check. Huge destruction? Car chases? Right prevailing and wrong punished? Aye, sure.
I watched it, waiting for something to happen. And about the best thing to come out of this is all the advertisers who rushed to get the bond brand on their crap, now find they’ve nailed themselves to a sinking piece of crap.
And ralph fiennes as m? Heroic military bloke who was captured by the IRA? Or a re-heating of the republican cunt he played in “maid in manhattan”.
The name’s bond. Fuck off, bond.


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