let’s make the water turn black – the mothers of invention

Up at five once more and another thousand words added to the idiots’ graveyard in the brutal darkness. It’s coming painfully slowly this time around.
I’m still getting ideas to slot into it; I’d just started the scene featuring the stripper when it was time to leave for work.
There are also a couple of sub-plots I’ll probably work in when I revise it next year. One about homelessness I’m particularly proud of, but it’ll have to be poured in carefully, so as not to leave any bubbles.
I’m still reading kevin courrier’s zappa biog, “dangerous kitchen”. Just a chapter or two every time I have a bath, absorbing it slow and careful.
This morning, I just got to where john lennon and yoko ono turned up on stage with the mothers in 1971. Apparently, lennon was worshipful of zappa; like a schoolboy crush on the guy who piss-ripped “sgt pepper” so thoroughly a few years earlier.
For me, I love the way zappa embedded references to other musics in his own; the way a tarrentino references the movies that shaped him.
Which (ideally) is how the idiots’ graveyard will pan out.
I also enjoy the ‘folkloric’ aspect of zappa’s work. Courrier goes into the story behind “the mud shark”; citing ritchie coles’ “stairway to heaven” collection of led zep bad behaviour stories.
Many of the sequences in the idiots’ graveyard are based in things that actually happened in some of the many excrable jobs I’ve had over the years.


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