Horrorshow – the scars

Forty-seven and-a-half thousand words down. It’s wednesday night and I’m taking a well-deserved breather. I’m becoming horribly addicted to series one of homelands – although it seems to be sagging a wee bit in the second haf of the series. Ever since carrie mentioned theolonius, soft jazz has followed her around. Plus, she felt it […]

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January – pilot

Monday afternoon: These are going up around forty-eight hours after they’re written. At the time of writing, I have forty-three-and-a-half thousand words down, leaving me six-and-a-half k to grind out by friday. I think I can manage. I only have chapter one to write now, so I’m folding in a lot of cut-ins, one or […]

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The distance – cake

That’s me cracked forty thousand words. I wrung out five thousand yesterday, which brought my total up to thirty-eight-and-a-half thousand and this morning, I’ve done two-and-a-half thousand. I’m closing in on the magic fifty-k. After I finished last night, I chilaxed, watched russ meyer’s ‘vixen’ (for the editing, obviously) before discovering ‘homeland’, which number two […]

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Any day now – cop shoot cop

Ah well, that’s another two thousand words ground out and my month’s count stands at about thirty-two-and-a-half thousand). I started reading “the hunger games” (yeah – trendsetter, me)… Hmmm. It’s probably already too late to accuse suzanne collins of ripping off “the light entertainment” – which I wrote in march of this year. I canny […]

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He’s a whore – big black

Another two thousand words squeezed out last night after a full day’s training. That’s me well over thirty thousand (I’m assuming – I didn’t update my word count last night). I’ve hit that point where characters are starting to surprise me – doing and saying things I never planned and didn’t expect. There’s a point […]

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the bump – kenny

I got in after another day spent training and ground out another fifteen hundred words. Not my one thousand, six hundred and sixty-seven, but not far off it. I still need to write at least two thousand words per day to finish on time. I had hoped of being back up-to-date by tonight, but that’s […]

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sunshine on leith – the proclaimers

Well, last night’s reading went surprisingly well. So many bits came together – other performers turned out to be either really good – and/or people I’d known thirty-plus years. The music was (as an afterthought) all the tracks culled from the ‘shorties’ folder on my bleakberry: loads of hawkwind, tricky, john cale, hunter/ronson, and so […]

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a past gone mad – the fall

I managed five thousand words yesterday and another twenty-five hundred today, taking my total up to twenty-seven-and-a-half thousand this month. Now and again, I get a day (or two) where the prose just pours out like pish from a sleeping jakey and each time, I’m surprised at just how groovy that feels. I feel really […]

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skyfall – adele

I grabbed some rnr last night, went to see the new bond movie. When I was fifteen, I went to see ‘the man with the golden gun’, a film so appalling I sat there watching roger moore and britt ekland and thinking, “right. That’s it. I’ve outgrown james bond.” And nothing roger moore did, subsequently, […]

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