evil – the edgar broughton band

In bed last night, I picked up Simon Baron-Cohen’s “the science of evil” and it grabbed me at once. So much for a wee bit of dry academia to get me off to sleep! For years, I’ve wondered about ‘evil’ – I don’t, in fact, believe in it. I’ve seen stupidity, selfishness, short-sightedness and even […]

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all of my love – led zeppelin

I got up this morning and wrote three ‘dreich noir’ sex scenes. Weird headspace. One foot still in dreamland and I’m tapping out cocks going into cunts, front-bottom grazing and so on. I’d written all the ‘how’ they found themselves in bed, this morning’s pass was ‘what’ they did next. Like Jimmy Page adding all […]

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down, down – status quo

I’ve sent out about two dozen freebie copies of ‘1919 (inside)’ out to interested parties; friends, perverts, journalists and one or two fence-straddlers. That was last week. Now that a few of them have found grown-ups to read it to them, the reviews are trickling in like pish out of a knifed drunk. Thus far, […]

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teenage rampage – the sweet

Glam rock ahas been such a massive part of my life for so long, it feels grown onto me like a glittery tapeworm. When I was a kid, Slade and T.Rex, then later Bowie whispered things in my wee ears that hadn’t been allowed before. For me (as I think I’ve written before) Bowie was […]

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waiting – doctors of madness

I’ve sent out a couple of dozen review copies of ‘1919 (inside)’. Now I’m gnawing the palms of my hands, waiting for people to get back to me. And they haven’t. And I wait. (sigh) … Certainly, I’m not going to pull myself to bits while people get back to me. I have the planning […]

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the worker – fischer z

when i left school, i drifted into the catering industry, where I remained for about fifteen years. during that time, I worked in about ten million jobs, all of them poorly paid, most of them filthy and degrading and the vast majority of them in the food business. there’s been a few jobs in other […]

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oh shit – the buzzcocks

That’s 1919 unleashed and available to the general public. I uploaded it to smashwords on thusday afternoon and Thursday evening, whilst at work, I stood in dogshit. Which is probably a pretty good omen. I’ve also had the same black cat cross my path twice this week – and half an hour ago, I saw […]

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