A bit more work on dreich noir this morning. If anything, I’m speeding up slightly, using this tablet. Which was always going to happen.

My confidence is increasing, almost every time I use it, I discover something new about it. Some new technique.

Backing up’s the problem. There’s no automated way to do this (yet) so I’m worried when I write anything, it’ll be cast into the ether and lost forever.

I’m also finding it hard to put down ‘the girl who kicked the hornets’ nest’. Although a *wee* bit melodramatic in places, it’s a cracking yarn. Lisbeth Sander is quite obviously autistic and three books in, she’s still fascinating.

Sander’s the classic flawed hero. Intelligent, resourceful and with few-or-no social skills. This is probably the best book in the trilogy.

I heard there’s a fourth novel written but due to loopholes in Swedish law, it may be some time before it’s published.

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