I’ve just spent two hours editing half a dozen episodes of Dreich noir and when I went to back it up, lo! It was as if I hadn’t touched them!

If I worked for an employer, I’d have some explaining to do, but since I’m self-employed, I’m mulling over giving myself a verbal warning for being a lazy prick – and never mind ‘shitty untrustworthy software’.

I need a break now and will start again tomorrow.

Not the best start to the day I’ve experienced.

I need to sit down with The idiots’ graveyard and fold in all the new ideas I’ve come up with.

Which means going into scrivener and moving all those wee cards around to slot the new ones in.

Trouble is, I’m not feeling particularly confident after the way that word processing software conned me earlier*.

Plus, I have an eighteen hour shift at work, hanging over my head.

Still, days like this are great for reminding us all just how great the other sort of days are; the sort that don’t make you want to microwave your head.


(* on closer inspection, there’s nothing wrNog with the software – I hadn’t backed up properly. D’oh!)

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