stick to me – graham parker and the rumour

I’ve had a couple of reviews back from people I sent out copies of ‘1919 (inside)’ to. Uniformly positive. This is a bit weird for me. Growing up in Scotland, I’m much more comfortable with a blow or an insult than I am with a compliment.

The whole process of showing people something I’ve slaved over feels wrong. I’m just waiting for the hammer to fall.

Now, logically, I know this is bullshit. That the feedback I’m getting is what I kind-of-knew anyway. That the novel’s having the same impact on others that it had on me when I first read back over it.

Despite all this cultural stuff, I’m collecting what’s been said about it and posting it up on the facebook group.

I’m also pouring a lot of ideas into ‘idiots’ graveyard’ just now. I quite enjoy this stage of the foreplay. The basic skeleton’s there, the characters (pretty much) and now, it’s just feeding in ludicrous and preposterous ideas – the nuttier the better.

Not all these idiot notions will make it even as far as next month’s first draft, but the more I can throw at it now, the better the chance that something will stick.


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