Glam rock ahas been such a massive part of my life for so long, it feels grown onto me like a glittery tapeworm. When I was a kid, Slade and T.Rex, then later Bowie whispered things in my wee ears that hadn’t been allowed before.

For me (as I think I’ve written before) Bowie was the first ‘albums’ artist. Fuck your Beatles,your Rolling Stones,they were dad rock before the term even existed. And heavy metal? That was always big-brother-music.

The sweet haven’t really stood the test of time. I dug out ‘Desolation Boulevard’ last week and the singles are great, the rest of it pretty dated-sounding.

Slade are pretty much unlistenable nowadays, although I will watch ‘Slade in flame’ again at some point. Bolan’s LPs are as brilliant (and as flawed) as they were when he made them – from ‘My people were fair…’ right up to ‘Dandy in the underworld’ – sheer onomatopoeic genius.

I still dig out three or four Bolan LPs every year and thrive on them. Ditto Bowie. Although with Bolan, I’ll look for something I haven’t played in a while, looking for novelty, whereas with Bowie, I tend to go back to the same LPs over and over. With exceptions of course.

Something else I’ve been listening to a lot of late (for the first time in years) is Tubeway Army’s first LP. And it’s storming! The vocals are a sub-bowie whine, the lyrics a mish-mash of Wild Bill Burroughs and Michael Cowper (Gary, did you ever pay him for the amount of references in your first two LPs?)

I suppose the finest glam rock band today are placebo. The moodiness, the doomed romantic whine of molko’s vocals (and lyrics!)

Essentially then, I’m a glam rock purist!