waiting – doctors of madness

I’ve sent out a couple of dozen review copies of ‘1919 (inside)’. Now I’m gnawing the palms of my hands, waiting for people to get back to me.

And they haven’t.

And I wait.


Certainly, I’m not going to pull myself to bits while people get back to me. I have the planning for ‘the idiots’ graveyard’ to do among other things.

That’s taking shape now. I’ve worked out the skeleton of the outline (about three hundred words so far) and I’m fleshing that out, sprinkling on characters to see what sticks.

I had about twenty A4 pages of nested outline when I sat down to write August’s dystopian novel, so I can see plainly what needs to be done next.

I’m also getting my head around my posh android tablet and its word processing software. This morning, I got up and wrote an entry for this blog on it – the second one composed on it.

I’m writing this one on my trusty PDA – which I did all the slowed-down/massive-learning-curve thing with in late 2007, when I was writing ‘1919’ on it.


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