the worker – fischer z

when i left school, i drifted into the catering industry, where I remained for about fifteen years. during that time, I worked in about ten million jobs, all of them poorly paid, most of them filthy and degrading and the vast majority of them in the food business.

there’s been a few jobs in other industries. I swept the streets for a couple of years and in the mid-nineties, I drifted over into the people business, where I remain.

the worst jobs i’ve ever had, though were all in offices.

i’m just wired all wrong to work in an office environment. I get bored really quickly and start making trouble. the same four walls, the same desperate ugly wee faces and the same workplace politics, day in day out. what I’ve never understood is how people can stand this, day after day, year upon year.

I can honestly say, unemployment was more rewarding than being chained to a desk in a room full of career-imbeciles.

plus, in that environment I always seem to be quickly cast in the role of ‘outsider’. the one nobody likes or trusts.

surviving there takes skills I don’t have – skills that i’ve never wanted.


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