I’ve spent the last few days sending out copies of “1919 (inside)”. The feedback I’ve had so far (what there’s been of it) has been uniformly positive.

The plan is to pad out the long blurb on my smashwords page with rave reviews. Which will work, hopefully.

I’ve also made a start on fleshing out the “idiots’ graveyard’ outline. There’s a few decent enough ideas in there (if I say so myself!) I’ll spend this month touching that up before ripping into it properly next month.

I’m coming to terms (slowly) with this tablet pc too. I’m trying to remember whether I had this much resistance to my PDA when it was box fresh technology five years ago. Probably. I’m using unfamiliar technology, as well as word processing software I’m learning the intricacies of.

Still, onward and upward.