oh shit – the buzzcocks

That’s 1919 unleashed and available to the general public. I uploaded it to smashwords on thusday afternoon and Thursday evening, whilst at work, I stood in dogshit. Which is probably a pretty good omen. I’ve also had the same black cat cross my path twice this week – and half an hour ago, I saw two magpies.

So that’s my last couple of days. Giving away free copies of my book and watching for signs that I’m doing the right thing!

So far, I’ve sent out about a dozen copies and the feedback (so far) has been uniformly positive. short of taking on e.l. james in a masochismo contest, I’m not sure what else I can do.

I’ve also bitten down on the bullet and bought myself a whistles-and-bells android tablet. Which I’m writing this on. On a bus. I’Ve still not come to terms with the technology, but my life is one big learning curve this weaher. So what’s another lump of education to someone who already doesn’t sleep?


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