it was cold – the ruts

I’m aware there’s been about a week’s worth of radio silence. A combination of work, tiredness and streaming cold. Plus the internet stopped coming to my house. I’m hoping 2013 will see a return to the golden age of downloading, uploading and daily access to social media – as it was in the good old […]

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the noise – john foxx

These last couple of weeks before I start writing the idiots’ graveyard, I’m trying to get my environment in order. Somewhere that, if not completely ergonomic, is at least comfortable enough for me to write in. I really need a desk. Something I can leave set up when I’m writing. At present, I’m using a […]

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bloody revolutions – crass

This time around, I’m writing a lot less notes on all my characters – not just the minor ones. My thinking just now is that I might be over-writing the characters, so just this once, I’m going to spend less time on the wee buggers. Focus on their interactions rather than all their facets in […]

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nerves – bauhaus

I’m pulled between a slight nervousness that I’m not quite ready to write the idiots’ graveyard yet and a burning need to get started right away. Obviously, I’ll tough it out until November, but the fact remains- the novel’s giving my mind a right good riding just now. Next month, I’m planning on being stuck […]

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sweden – the stranglers

A bit more work on dreich noir this morning. If anything, I’m speeding up slightly, using this tablet. Which was always going to happen. My confidence is increasing, almost every time I use it, I discover something new about it. Some new technique. Backing up’s the problem. There’s no automated way to do this (yet) […]

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in the future – sparks

I spent a whole day, wrestling with The idiots’ graveyard outline, feeding in the dada and folding it all around that. On the one hand, I’m slightly worried I can’t pull this off next month, on the other, there are several sections I’m dying to get started on! C’est le guerre. I’m also looking at […]

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touch me – the doors

I’ve just uploaded several dreich noir updates. The same ones I slaved over the other morning before trashing them in a colourful I-don’t-understand-the-principles-of-backing-up frenzy. Anyway, they’re up now. And only about a fortnight after they were supposed to go up! I’m getting more and more likes on Dreich noir, which is groovy. It definitely seems […]

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wasted – def leppard

I’ve just spent two hours editing half a dozen episodes of Dreich noir and when I went to back it up, lo! It was as if I hadn’t touched them! If I worked for an employer, I’d have some explaining to do, but since I’m self-employed, I’m mulling over giving myself a verbal warning for […]

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