after the watershed – carter usm

I’ve just been told, with one week to go, that my slot has been moved back to 19:30 – 19:45.

I only agreed to do this show if I could go on after the watershed and, as usual, it’s the writers who have to sit at the back of the bus.

So again, I’m asking myself, why do I bother? Doing shows with bands means putting in just as much effort as they do, and always coming second to their egos.

So this gig next week (or a couple of nights ago, by the time you’re reading this) will be the last show I do for the foreseeable future.

Why should I interrupt my writing, waste time rehearsing and change my shift pattern (and other people’s) at work, when the end result is going on as people are arriving, performing my crap in front of the couple of bands at the bottom of the bill?

My time is too precious and I’ve been eating this particular shit sandwich for far too long now. It’s high time I started treating myself with the respect I accord other fuckers.

More people look things up on youtube than ever attend gigs. There’s no reason I can’t, when I have something to say, use that, from the discomfort of my own slum, instead of wasting my time, hoping that this time, things will magically be different.


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