in dreams – roy orbison

I’ve got back into the habit this week of getting up and writing a few hundred words of ‘dreich noir’. Just get myself a meaningful (i.e. large) mug of tea and start writing before I’m fully awake.

It’s a great way to write. My mind’s still half-floating in dreamland, so it’s easy to let the dream-logic carry the plot where it will.

I’m not very disciplined in my thinking at these times, so what I write needs a fair bit of revision, but it’s a great way to cram words down onto paper (or PDA, in this case).

I’m still thinking about buying a tablet to write November’s novel on.

#1 son was explaining to me the other day that these cheap tablets aren’t “as much fun to use” as the posh sort. Which is fair enough. And, since I’m climbing out from under a lengthy period of abject poverty, it doesn’t make sense to hang on for super-expensive technology, when what I need is something affordable I can start working on right away.


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