homophobia – chumbawumba

Don’t you just love bigotry and intolerance? Yesterday afternoon, I disagreed with someone representing those shining examples of the lord’s infinite compassion, the Westboro Baptist Church. I’ve no idea whether this guy’s a member of their church or simply one of those free-range ‘heterosexuals’ who can’t stop thinking about cock, but when I checked twitter last night on my way home, I was delighted to learn that I’m (a) stupid, because I had the audacity to disagree with one of his prejudices, (b) gay – despite all the available evidence and (c) I have AIDS – not HIV, but AIDS itself.

I’ll admit it, I’ve enjoyed those wacky japesters at the WBC and their comedy gold for many years. I do find their adherence to thousands-of-years out-of-date moral codes hysterically funny.

And I would love to think these lunatics were going to be picketing my funeral (I’ve left a list of what music is to be played as well as what I want done with any protesters brave/dumb enough to show up on the day.)

But the fact remains. no matter how funny these people are, their intention isn’t to entertain – it’s to cause pain.

If your personal philosophy states that you can’t listen to RnB (as mine does) that doesn’t mean I have the right to attack you if that floats your wee boat.

If you want to argue about it, I’m up for it. I have facts and opinion at my fingertips – and I can tell these apart – so bring it on.

What I won’t do is tell you that you are intrinsically wrong.

Mary J Bilge’s work is, in my opinion, worthless and gives a distorted view of human relationships. and I arrived at that belief by exposing myself to said work and trying to find meaning in it.

If you haven’t actually heard Navicon Torture Technologies, you’re entitled to your opinion, I just couldn’t give a fuck what it is.

Attack me, though – and I will defend myself.


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