change – marc bolan and t.rex

I got up at five and did a little more work on ‘the idiots’ graveyard’. My outline stands at approximately two hundred and fifty words. Just a list of incidents in roughly the order I want them in.

My next job is fleshing each of these three, four word hints out to twenty-to-fifty words each

Earlier drafts of this have focused on the comedic angles within the plot and the characterisation, which I’m considering reining in a little.

This has worked well in the past and I assume it will here, too.

The biggest problem with the drafts I’ve done up until now was that the plot itself was unfocused. It just sort of rambled from incident to incident, with no real sense of development.

The characters seemed unaffected, no matter how much sick dada was spewed into their laps.

This was a complaint I made against series one of ‘Heroes’ when I watched it. No matter what they went through, nobody seemed changed in the slightest.

So that won’t do.

What I learned writing ‘dystopian’ last month is applicable here, I believe. characters will be constantly reeling from the various trials and tribulations that befall them; but this experience should leave in its wake changes in how they view – and engage with – their environment.


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