anytime, anyplace, anywhere – the who

I’ve just been reading the smashwords’ style guide and it really does lay everything out flat.

I’m roughly one third of the way through it and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty damn confident about my ability to fix my document for publication.

I wasn’t planning on writing anything else tonight, however my e-reader was almost out of juice, so I elected to stop and do this instead.

I have three days off work, starting in about twelve hours and tomorrow afternoon will be devoted to shopping; a gentle transition from the storm-und-drang of trying to balance the job with the real work, into the maximum RnR of my days off.

And, just this once, I’m actually taking the time out to chill. I’ve waited this long for that massive heart attack I’m due, a couple of days with my nose disengaged from the grindstone shouldn’t add too much more to my already wretched life-expectancy.

‘Light entertainment’ is really dragging just now. I wonder if I’m just burned out? In which case, this wee break will be just what the death-camp doctor ordered.


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