seedy films – soft cell

When I first started writing ‘Dreich noir’, back in 2011, the challenge was to my my mmc as different as possible to me.

Hence, he eats meat, he hates both music and movies and he has a misogynist streak that pops up now and again.

I wanted to try to write positively, maybe even sympathetically about someone thoroughly alien to me.

His hatred of cinema comes from the fact the only films he ever gets to see are the ones women choose. If he wants to empty his bag, he has to sit through the uninspiring rom-com she’s picked first.

Action movies won’t get him laid and he’s never even heard of arthouse films, thus the only films the exist for him (apart from pornography) are chick-flicks and rom-coms.

And the only difference between these is nobody gets married at the end of a pornographic film.

Similarly, music is all RnB; something that women insist on listening to before intercourse can occur.

The other thing I wanted to do with ‘Dreich noir’ was to make vanilla sex sound exciting.

This is the science-fiction component for me. in all my life, I have never fantasised about pushing my penis into anywhere, be it man, woman, child or national monument. It simply doesn’t make my sponge moist.

So, it’s quite a leap of the imagination to narrate from behind the eyes of a bloke who genuinely can’t see past fucking and blow-jobs.

From the feedback I’m getting, the whole thing seems to be working. people are commenting to me that ‘Dreich noir’ is floating their wee boats. or, at the very least, the wee man in the boat.


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