I managed to obtain a spanking the other week and, guess what? ‘The hassle-home’ might well have a BDSM component to it.

Certainly, it’s been on my mind for a few days now. my mmc and mfc in a fem-dom – or even a female-led – relationship.

The whole time I wasn’t romantically active, I saw no point in writing about BDSM, a couple of swats with a rolled-up newspaper and I’m re-imagining “Venus in furs”!

Good thing we didn’t get into anything avant like scarification or scat, really – or fuck knows what I’d be writing!

We’re curious wee organisms, aren’t we? A few hours tied up and being hit and our whole perspective alters – if we’d shifted from one dimension to the one next door.

So, that circuit’s kicked back in, just as I’m planning ‘The hassle-home’. Exposure to one evening of bondage and impact-play has altered a fairly fundamental aspect of the novel I’m planning.

I wonder. What other forms of psychic surgery would affect my output?

Mark Leyner, in ‘Et tu, babe’, wrote about writing an entire novel while bursting for a pish. This gave his plotting a frantic, highly-strung edge and his characters tended to cut corners.

‘The last film’, ‘Light entertainment’, ‘No feeelings’ and ‘Dystopian’ were written through a mindset where sex was something that only happened to rich people or Americans. or on television.