ready steady go – generation x

I got up this morning to the second version of the ‘1919’ cover. And it’s perfect. It looks even better than it did when I envisaged it in-skull all those months ago.

It’s taken two artists (three if you include the original painter whose work inspired this) and several months’ work by an artist who’s up to his nuts in about a million other (no doubt better-paying) projects.

But that’s it under control at last, sing hosanna!

I’m reading through smashwords’ style guide in any spare moments I have as they have very specific rules on how books should be laid out before they’ll distribute them.

If anything, the document (and there’s one hundred and forty-something pages of it) appears more daunting than it actually is.

The instructions are clear and precise (so far, anyway) and I imagine it’ll be fairly hard work making a mess of this.


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