it’s a mystery – toyah

I began mind-mapping ‘The hassle-home’ in earnest last night. I’ve sussed out some images I want to use and a few issues I want to touch on, but there’s still something missing. And I’m fucked if I can put my finger on what it is.

Sometimes, I can look at a plot and there’s an obvious something-shaped-hole, slap bang in the middle of the thing. Other times, it’s less obvious what needs to be done.

It’s like deciding to break a habit. First you notice that something no longer works, or is no longer necessary. Next comes the phase of ‘going through the motions’ or ‘doing it with the light on’.

The period where you continue doing something, but every time, you catch yourself thinking, ‘there must be a better way…’

Looking at this mind-mapped outline last night, I couldn’t help but see there was something wrong – or missing.

And if I carry on poking and squeezing at it, the answer will be revealed. it always is.




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