shadow – tindersticks

I’m maybe halfway through chapter two of ‘Light entertainment’. I’m starting to like the prose a bit better. The characters are starting to come to life a bit more, too. Starting to feel a bit more like people and less like pegs I hammered in to hang bits of plot on.

This’ll probably never see the light of day, but the process of polishing it is an education in itself.

One of the main things I keep catching on is how connected the characters are to each other, which is a million miles from my own experience.

There are family-links, friendships, all these webs of affection and respect, which is like science fiction to me.

Okay, if I wasn’t isolated and insular, I probably wouldn’t be writing. Ach, who am I kidding? If I still had access to sex, drugs and popular culture, I wouldn’t be writing any more than I did back in the day.

It’s only now that I’ve shut myself off from not only polite society, but also kicking and punching society, too, that I’m getting this much work done.

And yet, coincidentally enough, I find I’m writing more now about interpersonal issues.

A friend mentioned the other day that they’d found themselves becoming aroused, reading ‘Dreich noir’. And this is somebody old enough to know better.


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