school’s out – alice cooper

A well-deserved day off. Everything’s running smoothly in my writing and I’m six days into an eleven day stretch at work, so I took twenty-four hours out and watched ‘Battle in heaven’ again.

I probably watch it once a year or so and each time, I’m re-amazed by the sheer scope of the thing. From the non-professional cast to the explicit sex – and plot-wise, it’s a stunning juxtaposition of desperation and weakness, macho culture and love.

I’ve gone through the whole of chapter one of ‘Light entertainment’ and started on the second chapter.

I still don’t think this is good enough to set free, but it’s cracking practice in revising.

There’s a not bad plot in there – and a few pretty good characters, but it needs more work. Mibby in a few years.

And, in other news, I finally saw the cover for ‘1919 (inside)’ this morning. And it looks amazing! Everything I’d wanted and more. it’s not finished yet, but what there is of it looks pretty damn snazzy.

So, if I promised you a review copy, have no fear, you’ll be holding it in one hand while touching yourself inappropriately within a week!


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