new thing in cartons – fire engines

I got up around eight and ripped into ‘Light entertainment’, completing around two thousand words, which is the majority of the first chapter.

Perhaps more importantly, I used scrivener for the first time.

Obviously, on my first outing, I’m only using a fraction of its capabilities (and, although dragging ‘n’ dropping files from open office is a walk in the park, it doesn’t recognise either apostrophes or inverted commas).

However, as I mentioned the other day, it was high time I started using something new for the writing process.

I’ve been looking at tablets for the last couple of days, not seeing anything particularly special. Maplin are doing a reasonable one for under a ton and orange had an offer on (which ended on Saturday) that looked pretty groovy – but were out of stock by the time I got there.

The bleakberry’s still on its last legs, so I’ll need something – I’m just trying to work out whether I need some sort of payment plan or if I could get away with a wifi-only model.

And on a cheery (and cheesy) note, I was introduced yesterday to Donovan’s ‘Cosmic wheels’ LP.

Imagine, if you will, that Marc Bolan led Tyrannosarus Rex down the electric path, but instead of discovering cocaine, he’d taken up LSD instead; that.

A bizarre mix of glam and folk, a number of the rhythms positively reek of T.rex, as do the strings.

1973 was the year I first got into Ziggy Stardust – and subsequently Bowie himself. the year I moved from singles to albums. in fact, I bought my first single, Bowie’s ‘Jean genie’ that year.

Which of course, led me to the stooges (and that old guy who advertises car insurance these days) and Jean Genet.


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