down down – status quo

Finally made a start on revising ‘Light entertainment’ last night. I’ve been staring at it for the last few days, willing it to rework itself – nothing.

The last year’s taught me that squeezing out a first draft in a month is possible. Hopefully I can now pick up editing in a similar amount of time.

I’m not feeling wildly confident about ‘Light entertainment’ right now. Probably because it was the most difficult one to write.

I’m also looking for a new way to approach the revision process. Starting at once upon a time, I haven’t yet stumbled across any really brilliant sequences – in the first couple of pages.

This feeling of flatness is probably the tail end of my dip after finishing ‘Dystopian’. It’s not been a week yet, so I’m no doubt still experiencing post-novel-disturbance.

The process of telling lies from the inside of an imaginary stranger is so all-encompassing, it takes a few days to come back down from these unnatural heights.

Which reminds me, ‘Dystopian’ was written in the first person, while ‘Light entertainment’ has a lot more characters – and was written in the the third.

I find first person narrative much easier to write in, so there’s a bit of a leap there, too.

Still, I’ve started on the horrible, ungainly bastard now, I might as well finish. and who knows – there may even be some brilliant prose tucked away in there somewhere.


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