the unwelcome guest – tv smith’s explorers

Being more on the context in which ‘1919’, was written…

The home situation got progressively worse, as did my job. I found that my entire existence had become a process of de-skilling.

At work, I wasn’t permitted (due to red tape) to carry out tasks I’d been doing for the previous twelve years. while at home, our ‘Mistress/slave relationship’ had lost every nuance of sadomasochism.

It was during this time a Domme friend dubbed me ‘the unbattered wife’ – because every time I threatened to leave my partner because she wouldn’t hit me, she made all sorts of promises and I believed her and returned to the fold like a fool.

I was in a ‘Mistress/slave relationship’ where my tea was waiting for me each time I came home for work.

This is the miserable world I existed in while ‘1919’ was being written.

Oh and it all ended on August 1st, 2008, the day two of my close friends got married.


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