cry – the birthday party

The other day, I finally found the piece I wanted to read at the full moon reunion gig last month. I located the first draft, so I’m both rehearsing it and tidying it up. On the downside, I can’t for the life of me remember the title! I originally wrote it in February of 2001 […]

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in dreams – roy orbison

I’ve got back into the habit this week of getting up and writing a few hundred words of ‘dreich noir’. Just get myself a meaningful (i.e. large) mug of tea and start writing before I’m fully awake. It’s a great way to write. My mind’s still half-floating in dreamland, so it’s easy to let the […]

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homophobia – chumbawumba

Don’t you just love bigotry and intolerance? Yesterday afternoon, I disagreed with someone representing those shining examples of the lord’s infinite compassion, the Westboro Baptist Church. I’ve no idea whether this guy’s a member of their church or simply one of those free-range ‘heterosexuals’ who can’t stop thinking about cock, but when I checked twitter […]

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psalm 23 – psychic tv

Back in the eighties, I worked mainly in the catering industry. I had a couple of office jobs in that time, but the less said about them, the better for all concerned. In one of the many jobs I had, I worked with two guys who, although married, went out on the pull as often […]

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the model – big black

Possibly, I’ve had one of those past-life experiences over the last day or two. Which is all very subjective – and those reading this who’ve never met me will no doubt be scratching your heads and wondering whether I’ve been subjected to a serious head injury, poison-berries, or both. Those of you who have had […]

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twenty years ago – placebo

It’s strange, reworking something I wrote back in the early-to-mid nineties. Something I did my best with, then set to one side for almost twenty years. Obviously, in that time, a lot of experience has passed through me. I’ve had three, four significant relationships, I was in the Edinbury Whoors, I’ve lived in another country […]

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change – marc bolan and t.rex

I got up at five and did a little more work on ‘the idiots’ graveyard’. My outline stands at approximately two hundred and fifty words. Just a list of incidents in roughly the order I want them in. My next job is fleshing each of these three, four word hints out to twenty-to-fifty words each […]

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right to work – chelsea

I’ve put ‘the hassle-home’ up on bricks for now. I’ve been looking at it for the last few days, the way warring couples push salad around their plates while not speaking. It doesn’t make it – or any of the other problems – go away, it just keeps the awfulness at the same level. So […]

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guitar man – bread

I’m three quarters of the way through ‘1919’. I did most of it yesterday before work and it seems to be taking shape, the more I object to it. Being a bit busy with work, I’m trying to juggle time and make enough of it to get on with the important stuff. The stuff that […]

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