not a bad day – tv smith

I’ve had the odd day this last week when I haven’t got much done. Work calls upon me to do sleepovers; being on site in case one of my charges has some sort of difficulty. I’ve done this sort of work for most of the last twenty years, I’m bloody good at it (if a […]

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the last film – kissing the pink

I got up this morning and hammered out three-and-a-half thousand words, taking my total up to just over thirty thousand. This ‘dystopian’ novel is really taking shape! I have less than four more sections to go – say twenty to twenty-five thousand words and around twelve more days to complete it in. easy-peasy! In November […]

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a soldier’s things – tom waits

Of late, I’ve been looking through my old writing, some of it years old. I got the idea after I wrote something earlier this year, based on a treatment I’d written in late 1987. My life was pretty chaotic back-in-the-day, so it’s unsurprising these were never brought to term. There’s short fiction that I always […]

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so what – anti nowhere league

I have a performance lined up this coming Saturday and I’m trying to fit rehearsals into my already crowded schedule. What to do? What to do? I suppose common sense would dictate that I’m still at the trying-to-get-you-to-like-me stage in my career! I’m also hampered somewhat by having the attention-span of a moth on crack, […]

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shockwork – test department

Starting a new full-time job on the same day as I embark on a new novel? Is anybody else ludicrous enough to do this? Nah, I thought not. I was offered the job back in May and told it would be ‘two to four weeks’ before all the necessary paperwork was completed and I could […]

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the bulls – marc almond

I’ve worked with adults with learning disabilities for around twenty years. I’m good at my job and, far more importantly, I enjoy it. People have asked if I’ve ever used something of a service user in anything I’ve written – and the answer’s, perhaps surprisingly, yes. A number of years ago, on the job, someone […]

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who are you – the who

A long lie until 05:30 this morning. I’d written another thousand words last night and with this morning’s two thousand, that’s me cracked twenty thousand. I mentioned the other day that I was worried that the outline I’d written last month might’ve run out before I’d expanded it to fifty thousand words, so last night, […]

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porno base – 23 skiddoo

When I wrote ‘Erotic cleansing’, back in the 1990s, it was a joyful burst of enthusiasm and next-to-no actual talent or experience. Like a young Quentin Tarrentino, what ‘experience’ I had was secondhand. Where he learned from the great directors by watching their work and absorbing their genius that way, I had devoted my own […]

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