f-oldin’ money – the fall

Got up at about 08:30 and wrung out another thirty-four-and-a-half hundred words of ‘Dystopian’, taking my total for the month up to forty-seven-and-a-half thousand.

So far, I’ve added in three of the cut-ins I’d planned with two more to go. I guess tomorrow should see me completing it.

And what a long, strange trip it’s been! Starting a new job the day after I began the draft, having to take a day out, slap bang in the middle to retrieve my property which had been withheld since 2011.

Why, a lesser man would have been microwaved by this sort of pressure.

And I’ve still found time to start on the notes for another project.

I remember reading that Stephen Donaldson believes that the author needs, not one but two ideas, before embarking on a novel.

I take this to mean, plot and sub-plot, plot and theme, or as in the case of Ridley Scott’s ‘Bladerunner, a clash of genres.

This is where I am with the new idea. A few characters and two genres that I hope I can atom-smash together. All I need now is a plot, I suppose! Or two.

Going back to the present, it feels like a lot of time has passed since I decided – right at the very last moment – to write ‘Dystopian’ from end-to-beginning. The calendar tells me it’s just over three weeks since I avoided thinking of this bastard as fifty thousand words and blinkered myself to see only the first one thousand, six hundred and sixty-seven. Then the next one thousand, six hundred and sixty-seven. And so on.

The joy and sense of achievement each I hit a multiple of ten thousand – no wonder Norman Mailer called this process “your night with the bitch”.


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