the crusher – the cramps

I’m writing this at work. darkness has fallen, all the lord’s critters are tucked up in bed, leaving your humble narrator listening to John Zorn’s Electric Masada and figuring out where to shoehorn in that extra scene to ‘Dystopian’.

It’s an idea I’d had a couple of weeks back, one of those ideas you know instinctively is a beauty – but like any beautiful stone, it has to be polished – and it needs the right setting.

A bit like my idea for a rape pride march in Edinburgh this summer. it’ll be great if we can get George Galloway to lead that off!

But I digress. ‘Dystopian’ is now pretty damn close to completion. Ten thousand words to go and I reckon the opening chapter – as well as this extra scene – will suffice. I also have nine more days to finish it on time.


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