isolation – joy division

Another thirty-seven hundred words and that’s me cracked forty thousand words with one chapter (about two A4 pages) left of my outline to go. From my present perspective, I can’t see that amounting to more than six thousand words, so on tonight’s sleepover, I’m going back through that outline to see if (and where) I can shoehorn in another scene or two.

Having worked through the very end of chapter three and the whole of chapter two this morning, I’ve been looking at his sense of otherness among her people.

In writing this, i’m drawing upon my own, broadly similar, experiences over the last six years.

Since I left Edinburgh in mid-2006, I haven’t really put down any roots anywhere. not in Liverpool, I wasn’t long enough in Bristol, Edinburgh repels me now and in both places I’ve lived in Fife, I’ve been content to live a fairly insular life.

It’s not just that I don’t like people (although i actually do prefer objects) but I’ve come to realise that nowadays, I thoroughly enjoy my own company.

Living out here, without distractions, I get so much more done.

Of course, at some point, my intelligence will no doubt reassert itself and I’ll realise that all I actually do is work.

And then, I shall put my head into the microwave and there, I shall find peace.


2 thoughts on “isolation – joy division

    1. do you still hear from the big fellow? i used to see panda when i was still married to the swp, but not in donkeys’ years… i think it was mr anderson himself who told me he’d moved to ireland.


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