kill! – alberto y los trios paranoias

Up at four and another nineteen hundred words of ‘dystopian’ before work. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be a ‘three thousand day’, after my taking a couple of days off to do Saturday’s gig and generally rnr-ing in Edinburgh. and by ‘rnr’, I mean ‘compering, performing and finishing off the cut-ins for the dvd’. anyway that’s it all done (for now…)

It’s always the same after I take a break – a day or two, getting back up to speed.

When I was writing ‘light entertainment’, back in march, getting so much hassle from triage, the local workfare provider, I almost never got a good run at the writing, having to fit it in around endless interviews for jobs I didn’t have a hope in hell of actually getting. And that’s the real magic of the various conservative governments I’ve lived through, isn’t it? Giving all the money away to their millionaire friends and attacking the poor over the shortfall.

Still, I finished the bastard (although it took me thirty-seven days) and it was, at sixty-eight thousand words, the longest draft I’ve written to date.

I have two days off work after today, so I’m hoping to press on and hit forty thousand before the end of the week. It’s doable.

I still have that wee niggle that I’ll run out of plot around the forty thousand mark, but I’m hopeful I can dredge up sufficient memories to get to fifty.


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