can’t stand my baby – the rezillos

I’ve just written an e-maul to a friend living abroad, detailing the events of this year. Fucking hell, bring it on, Mayans! It’s only now, adding it all up, I can see how antithetical things have actually been.

And it’s a testament to my indestructibility that I haven’t gone under during this. If anything, I’ve emerged stronger than before. I’m deeply proud of all four novels that i’ve produced during this time of pressure: the end of ‘the last film’, the whole of ‘light entertainment’ and ‘no feeelings’ and ‘dystopian’, the second half of that written while getting it all back and having to clamber over it all.

As Raquel Welch once said, “how much you learn depends on how much you can stand” and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Living for as long as I did (eight-and-a-half months) with nothing to lose, I’ve had the time to examine a few of my life-principles. and found that they still hold water. That I can still live by them.

This is where strength comes from. From the knowledge that whatever life throws up in my lap, my value-core is as strong as when things are groovy.

The I ching has been a real pillar in my life since 1986, when someone bought me the Wilhelm translation for my birthday.

It’s always been there, throughout those difficult days and the guidance is just as useful when my entire life doesn’t hurt.


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