one chord wonders – the adverts

The Edinburgh gig was last night. It’s far easier to be objective about the other acts I saw than it is to be about my own.

The evening was a ‘full moon reunion night’. Loads of us who’d performed at the full moon club back in the day and newer, younger acts who fitted in with the full moon ethos.

Highlights of the night, for me, were spy trips and the z-28s, but I didn’t see a single performer who horrified me – and with acts firing on, doing fifteen blistering minutes or so of whatever it is they do and off, that’s pretty good going.

The other focus of this weekend was rnr, getting a couple of days out from under the psyche of ‘dystopian’s mmc!

It’s felt pretty good, being me again for a couple of days, before I plough back into the sheer in-skull Victoriana of ‘dystopian’.

Since the gig was back-to-the-old-school, I was in my leather jacket, my ‘mummy says…’ t-shirt and I slipped an older piece (‘another one bites the dust’ from around 1997) into my modern-day set.

On stage, it certainly felt like I was partying like it was 1998.


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