a soldier’s things – tom waits

Of late, I’ve been looking through my old writing, some of it years old.

I got the idea after I wrote something earlier this year, based on a treatment I’d written in late 1987.

My life was pretty chaotic back-in-the-day, so it’s unsurprising these were never brought to term.

There’s short fiction that I always meant to go back and polish, outlines for novels I never found time to actually write; all the juvenalia of someone far more interested in pills, girls and spanking than the sort of discipline that has one sitting at a keyboard for hours each day!

With what I’ve learned in the last year or two, these wee gems are an absolute goldmine!

Reading Christopher Vogler’s book, ‘Mythic structure for writers’, I reckon the main reason these were never finished was that I hadn’t fully worked out the basic ideas and, although I was pregnant with the idea and fired up with enthusiasm, they simply collapsed each time under their own weight.

I’m glad now, at fifty, that I “hoarded” all this “crap” as I believe I have the bones of my next few projects here in the disorganised guddle of boxes, paper and dust.

There’s a surprising number of science fiction material here, from stray ideas I thought might come in handy to outlines or treatments of several novels.


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