shockwork – test department

Starting a new full-time job on the same day as I embark on a new novel? Is anybody else ludicrous enough to do this? Nah, I thought not.

I was offered the job back in May and told it would be ‘two to four weeks’ before all the necessary paperwork was completed and I could start.

I readied June’s novel, so that I could race through it, rather than struggle to keep up with it while starting a new job.

Subsequently, the draft, No feelings’, was finished in eighteen days.

I waited. I revised November’s draft of ‘The last film’. and I waited.

I planned this month’s novel ‘Dystopian’ and waited.

The job eventually kicked off on August second. I had my voluntary job on the first – but only after I wrote the first seventeen hundred words of this month’s novel!

I can’t believe how little sleep I’m getting by on! I’m aiming for six hours a night, usually getting about five, occasionally putting up with four. As long as I’m careful and catch up on the missed sleep when I can, I should continue to be okay.

I’m writing this in the bath, on the first day of my first two-day break this month. It’s been great -lazing around in bed until seven, eight in the morning, eating toast and so on! Rock ‘n’ roll as hell, me!


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