at home, at work, at play – sparks

I discovered national novel writing month early last year and it blew me away. I joined at once and started making plans to write the great Gowkhall novel in November.

I just happened to look in at their site in late June last year, where I learned that camp NaNoWriMo started on July first – three days later. I immediately cleared the decks and wrote the first draft of ‘at home, at work, at play’ with little or no preparation, in around twenty-five days.

This, from what I gather, is known as ‘pantsing’ – writing a novel, by the seat of one’s pants. Making it up as one goes along. I have no intention of doing it again (probably!) but it was in interesting – and fulfilling – experience.

I knew the job I wanted my mmc to do, I knew the nature of his relationship with my mfc, but everything else; the barbecues, the goth culture, the munches and clubs, I made up as I went along. And, for a second novel – and the first I’d written in under a month, I think it was pretty good.

I decided on what I still regard as a fairly novel characterisation to make a point about the mmc/mfs’s relationship. Fifty thousand words in under thirty days and another novel about a Female-dominant relationship.

With 1919 about to come out, I have no plans to be ‘the guy who writes all the pervy sex books’, so I have no plans to release ‘at home, at work, at play’ in the foreseeable future. maybe one day.


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