video killed the radio star – bruce wooley and the camera club

In April, the Fritz Van Helsing memorial performance was video-recorded for, not only posterity, but for a DVD, which is (hopefully) out in the next month or so.

The other night, I saw a rough cut of my two pieces, ‘Once more with screaming’ and ‘When bridesmaids attack’.

They’ve been animated, as watching an old guy yittering while holding a ring-binder is up there with watching tea go cold in terms of orgasm entertainment.

So Shaun, may the lord bless and dissect him, has added cut-ins.

Other acts featured on it include, Shock and awe, the Ettes, Opium kitchen and Sad society. And these are only the videos I’ve personally seen.

Up at four this morning, in a confused, hypnotic state and straight into ‘Dystopian’. I wrote around twenty-four hundred words, bringing my total up to fifteen-and-a-half thousand so far this month.

This morning’s efforts shot away at a tangent to the main body of the plot, my mmc crossing a moral line before meeting back up with the plot where I’d left it at the end of yesterday’s chapter.

I’m still enjoying the stilted language he employs to describe the situations as they unfold and suck him in.


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