upside down – hawkwind

Long lie until seven this morning and a further chapter of ‘dystopian’. This is the first time this month I’ve gone over two thousand words in a a sitting, so I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself. The limitations I’ve set myself (in particular my decision to use description where I would normally use dialogue) is forcing me to be more creative than usual, I believe.

I found myself writing this almost in the voice of de Sade, who I haven’t read in quite a few years. From time to time, it struck me that I was approaching this the way Terry Pratchett pastiches/homages the work of other writers. (and yes, I was finding that particular content being described in Citizen Sade’s voice pretty funny.)

This novel is really lending itself to being written back to front – i.e. starting with happy-ever-after and working my way back to once-upon-a-time.

I’m finding it easy to slot things in as I think of them. and this time, I don’t have to make a mental note to to insert them earlier on in the narrative during my revision.

When something occurs to me, I can slip it in – and see exactly where that concept needs to be inserted in narrative that has yet to be written. I can even scribble a note in the margin of the outline I’m following – from the end to the beginning.

It seems much more organic to make these plot alterations during my first draft, rather than leave them all to somewhere in the smoothing process.


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