back from the dead – the adverts

I slept in until almost nine this morning. Up and staggery and straight into revising and uploading all the August posts for ‘dreich noir’.

I’m still not feeling all that groovy after the last couple of days, but that’s the decks cleared for next month’s novel. I can forget all about ‘dreich noir’ until September, which is certainly a weight off what’s left of my mind.

Recently, I was asked to contribute some cut-ins for the video of me that’s to appear on a DVD next month or so.

It took several hours, me reading ‘once more, with screaming’ and ‘when bridesmaids attack’ repeatedly – from different angles and posing – as if reading – for still photos.

Now, my sense of ‘humour’ being what it is, I took one or two ‘wee liberties’ with what I was doing.

I’ve also been asked to cough up the text of both pieces. No idea what’s being done with these but I’m hoping no-one’s planning to leave them at a crime scene for a laugh.

I suppose they might work as invocations where one wanted to be attacked by Jehovah’s witnesses, bridesmaids or both. I can’t really answer that as these really aren’t kinks I myself cherish.

The FVH memorial dvd is slated to be out next month sometime. Punk as fuck and the money’s going to a good cause, so there’s no real reason not to buy several to hurl into strangers’ laps when they least expect it.


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