the outsider – ian hunter

A Domme friend of mine commented recently, having read ‘dreich noir’, that she was amazed by all the vanilla sex therein.

My second novel, ‘at home, at work, at play’, like ‘1919’, was about a fem-dom relationship.

They always say you should write what you know, however I didn’t want to be ‘the guy who writes all the male sub books’ – and I’d decided that before all this fifty shades furore!

On top of that, the last few months haven’t been a particularly sexual time for me.

When Irish punk band the stiff little fingers moved from Belfast to London after completing their ‘inflammable material’ lp, they took a band decision to quit writing songs about life in Belfast and I’ve always thought that was a decent thing to do.

It’s the same for me. if I’m not having any chains ‘n’ canes action, I don’t feel I should be presenting myself as someone who is.

The novel I’m about to embark on looks as if it’s going to be about lack of communication – and outside pressures – within relationships. Which brings us neatly back to writing what I know best!

Certainly, I’ve had a few relationships that buckled under these influences.

‘1919’ was very much about how lonely one can feel while (theoretically) still in a relationship. which is very much where my head was while I was writing it.

‘At home, at work, at play’, conversely, showed a couple struggling while managing to maintain their relationship. so fuck delving into that while I’m this single!

Up this morning at eight and back into ‘dreich noir’. I brought back one of his old flames he hasn’t seen in a while, which was nice.

Enough time for the sense of newness to reappear, but enough sexual history for the lovemaking not to be as clumsy as it was to begin with.

I’d also done my #followfriday on twitter before lunchtime – and I’ve only managed to offend and/or upset one person this week!


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