mr blue sky – ELO

Another half-shut-knife kind of a day. low energy. the sky’s been that weird ‘blue’ way for most of today, with a strange yellow ball staring down at me throughout the morning.

Luckily, there was some rain this afternoon, which calmed me, but by 17:00, the sky looked like the start of the simpsons.

I’ve been up since around six this morning, working on ‘dreich noir’. it was coming fairly easily, but I seem to have picked up a slight cold. funny, that – I was only cold and wet for around twelve hours yesterday!

So, i didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked.

What I found was, I wrote all the ‘scene-setting’ he meets her, they go somewhere to make the big fuck-fuck, then stopped. I’ve noticed this before. I have periods where I can’t seem to write the actual ‘sexual congress’ bits at the same time as all the other stuff.

I have to go back and write them all later – like Jimmy Page, recording all the solos on ‘Presence’ in one night after the album was otherwise finished – except without the heroin he was allegedly using during that period.

Still, I’m about two weeks ahead with ‘dreich noir’ now, which is pretty good.

I’ve devoted most of today to cleaning fruitcake heights. I have a friend visiting (any second now) for a couple of days, which’ll make a wee change. I just realised that she – and a mutual friend – were the last visitors i had here, a month or so back.


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