no entry usa – sham 69

The sharper-eyed among you will have thought that there was nothing here yesterday and you’d be right!

I decided to devote sunday afternoon, evening and night to getting seriously bunnied – and all day yesterday to recuperate from the experience. It’s all very well being the psychedelic pensioner, but it’s taking me a couple of days to recover these days.

There was no way I was stringing words together yesterday.

Up just before seven this morning and probably operating at about 80% of my normal efficiency. I should be all groovy again by tomorrow.

I’ve edited and uploaded three episodes of dreich noir and written the first draft of another. And, had a great idea of where the plot’s heading next.

Then I walked to a supermarket two towns along from here.

I revised the draft of next months dystopia novel, adding in a lot of new materiel. Still no proper title jumping out at me yet, though!

And the artist I wanted to do the cover for ‘1919’ got in touch today. He’s started on it – just needs the exact text so he can start arranging that around the artwork.

Sing hosannah! Joy to the weird!


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