the passenger – iggy pop

I’m writing this on the bus back from a meeting at the home of Colonel T Parker, my sabre-toothed necessary evil. It’s dark and i’m not really wearing sunglasses.

In amongst all our plotting an’ a-schemin’, we printed out the manuscript of “the light entertainment”, which i’ll start revising in due course. Probably December – well, nothing happens around that time of year, does it?

Crappy night’s sleep last night. I woke about 03:30, couldn’t get back to sleep, so i revised a couple of dozen pages of “the last film”- then fell back asleep til about 09:00.

I headed through to Edinburgh for lunchtime. We worked out a list of the people who’re getting review copies of “1919” and when we’ll get them out to them.

Weirdly, looking back over at Fife, the skies looked like the start of The Simpsons, whereas over Edinbastard, the clouds were grey and compressed-looking and threatening.

We also watched the first episode of “Blackout”, the drama with Christopher Ecclestone as an alcoholic Liverpool apparatchik. An interesting take on starting the story with the”ordinary world” – Ecclestone great (and pitiable) as his drinking, out of control, was ripping his life – and his family – apart.

There wasn’t time to watch the second part as i had a date with this bus, but next time.


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