beginning of the end – eddie and the hot rods

I woke up at 07:20, got myself a meaningful cup of tea and started revising “the last film”.

The further I get into it – and I only have about a hundred pages to go – the more aware I’m becoming of how much more polishing it needs.

From what I’ve read, there’s no point in doing more than one revision.

I’ll make an exception this time as it’s my first time – and part of the learning curve.

I revised two dozen pages, composed a few paragraphs I could see were required and laid it down.

I’ve also completed the (very) first draft of ‘dystopian’. So I can leave that alone now until “the last film” is finished.

I’m feeling reasonably positive about it. there are only two characters, the rest are walk-ons and the plot’s pretty much there.

Writing the dialogue should be easy-peasy, which only leaves the descriptive passages. they’re always the hardest for me.

I’ve also written another episode of “dreich NoiR”. I plan to get all of August’s ready ahead of time so I can throw myself into ‘dystopian’.

I was saddened to learn yesterday, after the death of Ernest Borgnine the other day, of the deaths of first Lol Coxhill and a few minutes later, Tim Cross.

I’m totally shocked by Cross’ passing. he was the keyboard player on The Adverts’ “cast of thousands” lp and worked on a number of TV Smith’s solo lps.

It’s all very well Smith being one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, but Cross will leave a massive hole in how Smith brought those songs to life.

Contrast and compare his last lp with the live versions of the same songs and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m getting fed up of outliving my own record collection.

Fuck you, lung cancer. fuck you good and hard.


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